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ItemComments Element for ZOO

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  • Added: 11 November 2012
  • Updated: 19 August 2013
  • File size: 6.42 KB
  • Version: 3.1.0
  • Dwnlded: 862
  • Author: Attavus M.D.
  • License: GPLv2 or later
  • Type: Non-Commercial
ItemComments - an element for render native comments system for ZOO in other custom positions.


AuthorLink Element for ZOO if need output avatars from other components.


No need.


Install it.
Assign the Element to custom template positions.
And after:
If comments are output through the Template, remove the line (<?php echo $this->app->comment->renderComments($this, $this->item); ?>) from the Template (item.php), not to be repeated comments.
+ Added output avatars from other components via using AuthorLink Element for ZOO
^ Rewrited to underlying ZOO 3.1.0 Framework
! Last tested with ZOO 3.1.0 at Joomla 2.5.14 and 3.1.5
# Fixed bug: not saved a comments after submitting
+ Initial release

* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change

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